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Our process

"I think the future is solar energy is bright."- Ken Salazar

We at Greenultimate understand that you want to address rising electricity costs, while also helping the environment. You want to make this COUNT and the savings realized should promote business growth and help save money- Greenultimate has a process in place that helps realize it!
A couple aspects to be considered before you go all Solar!
  •   Solar system location
  •   Roof appropriateness
  •   Your budget
  •   Size and cost of the solar power system
  •   Daylight hours and seasonality
  •   Separate meter and switchboards for the solar systems
  •   Usage-Size of panels
  •   Types of inverters
  •   Upgradeable solar power systems
  •   Warranties
  •   Government rebates and other incentives
  •   Realizing ROI
  •   Making a difference

A simple solar checklist

First-off, before you go in for a solar system in your home or office in Sydney or roundabouts, you need to have a checklist handy. And only after these aspects are checked and verified, will we at Greenultimate have all the answers:
  •   Whether your property is well-suited for a solar power system?
  •   The costs, processes and steps involved in getting a solar PV system can be met with.
  •   The rebate, incentives when a solar system is installed is available in the State you reside.
  •   Is part of your roof East/West-facing and is there direct sunlight between 9am and 3pm?
  •   Is there enough area, room on this side of your roof for solar panels to be installed? Considering, you need at least 15m2 for a 1.5 kW system.
  •   Is your roof strong enough to support the solar panels installation
  •   Do you have a budget in mind, or are you looking at finance options
  •   Do you want to know the savings on your monthly electricity bills?
  •   Are you aware about the processes involved once you decide to go ahead with your purchase?

The processes involved include:

Planning and solutions 

At this stage, our accredited solar system installers will undertake a walkthrough of your business or office in order to evaluate and assess your solar power needs. Once we process the data, we determine the type of solar system that needs to be installed in your home, office or commercial space.

While sharing what type of solar system you need, we will also share the potential savings you will realize when you shift to power your home or business with solar energy.

Greenultimate will share the viability, the financial advantages, the return on investment, and also the many government rebates and incentives you can tap into.

We walk the talk and are with you in from start to finish and ensure that quality and standards are met with.

Funding and Financing

If you are looking for different funding or finance options before you actually engage Greenultimate to install solar systems in your residence or business, we have the perfect finance solutions for you.

You have decided to go the ‘clean energy’ way and we have to say that you have made an informed choice. Now, you want best finance options to help you buy the solar systems.

Greenultimate has tied up with a couple accredited financial vendors who offer interest free, low-cost and long-term financing options which will not burn a hole in your pocket. The savings you realize in the monthly energy bills by itself can help meet the instalments you need to make on a monthly basis.

Setting up and installation 

The type of solar system you need installed at your home or office, and the finance options have been addressed. Now, we move into the last stage and that is installing and commissioning the solar systems.

The type and size of solar systems to be installed is arrived at after understanding your requirements.

We will install, service, maintain, and repair your solar systems so that the power supply to your home or workplace is undeterred. We undertake inspections and evaluate performance levels, input, and output so as to ensure that the solar systems are working to its best, optimum levels.

Interested? Want to go in for a solar system? Contact Greenultimate on-02 9854 5517. You can email us at

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