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Solar Facts

Solar Power Essentials

  • You should know this very important fact! For all those residing in Australia which is in the Southern Hemisphere, your solar panels should face true north and set at a tilt of 20-50 degrees.
  • You can run practically anything on solar power. Whatever it is you are running on electricity- water heaters, lighting, and air conditioners can now be run on solar power.
  • Every square meter of the Earth receives around 1366 watts of direct solar radiation. Unbelievable isn’t it?
  • China leads in using the most solar power- About 78,100 gigawatts. This is followed by countries like Japan, Germany, the US and Italy.
  • The space research organization- NASA is at present working on creating an aircraft that is completely solar-powered.
  • Just imagine this! The earth is about 57 million sq miles, if you want the entire planet to run on solar energy, then installing solar panels over 191,000 square miles will help power the entire earth!

Tracing the origins of solar power

  • In the year 1839, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered an easy way to harness solar energy with the photovoltaic effect.
  • In 1954, Bell Laboratories invented the first photovoltaic cell for commercial use.
  • Solar cells were first retailed in 1956, but it was very expensive then and most people couldn’t afford it.
  • In 1978, solar-powered calculators were invented.

Solar power affordability 

  • Solar power is affordable, cost-effective and offers good ROI.
  • Since 2008, costs of solar systems and panels have dropped by over 80% and it will drop even more.
  • Solar power is a non-renewable source of energy which is free. It needs PV- Photovoltaic panels which are low maintenance and offers great ROI.
  • Solar panels come with a very long warranty.
  • Depending upon in which State you in live in Australia, check the current discounts, rebates offered by your State for solar panel installation.
  • You can see noticeable difference in your monthly electricity bills, when you use solar power in your home or office.

Solar power is….

  • It is the cleanest form of energy. It does not produce pollutants or emissions during power generation.
  • Solar energy is available in abundance. It will never deplete. It is renewable and can be used by businesses and residences and its reserves will still never deplete.
  • Solar power is measured like electricity in watts- kilowatt-hour. 1 kW= 1000 watts, 1000 kilowatts = 1 megawatts, 1000 megawatts = 1 gigawatt, 1,000 gigawatts = 1 terawatts.
  • Solar panels come with a capacity of 200 to 250-watts.
  • The sun is about 90 million miles away from the earth. Sunlight takes just a little over 8 minutes to reach Earth, and within a few seconds, the solar panels come in contact with the sunlight and the solar power is ready.
  • If your residence runs on solar power, the market value of your home increases!

Your Health and Solar Power 

  • Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy. It is environmental-friendly and one of the most sustainable forms of energy.
  • Solar power is clean energy. It does not create any type of pollution- sound or smoke pollution.
  • You may be amazed to hear this! A solar panel placed on any rooftop, helps reduce pollution levels to the tune of 100 tons of carbon dioxide-CO2 in the lifetime of the solar panel.
  • Air quality is greatly improved and this helps all living beings on planet earth.
  • Solar energy is safe, eco-friendly and helps the environment. More than 17,000 pounds of carbon-di-oxide emissions is preventable, when solar energy is used

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